We create the world which wonders, causes joy and makes a profit.

The Advertising and Industrial Center "Sangraph" was founded on July, 5, 1995 in Minsk, Belarus. At the begining of its activities it was engaged in development and manufacture of polygraphic production, corporate identity, including design and creative solutions. For last years, due to high quality of work and competitive prices our Center managed not only to archive stability, but also considerably expand a scope of offered services.

In March, 1999 the industrial department of the Outdoor Advertising was founded. The main character of the Department is the combination of the advanced technologies and original specifications of production with competitive prices.

The department of Information Technologies was founded in June 2000 as a division of the Advertising and Industrial Center Sangraph. IT department has now grown into a large independent division headquartered in Belarus, Eastern Europe. The main spheres of the department activities are Internet presentations, web design, interface design, software development for Internet business and advertising, Internet research and PR actions.

The experienced work of our staff in the field of Internet technologies, software programming, creative solutions and web design allows us both to represent companies' projects and to introduce complex sketches of corporate cooperation. Our design opportunities are extensive: from working out of logo, trade marks to creation of excellently designed print catalogues.

Our specialists have international certificates and rewards. This fact proves high level of training for each person. Our main goals are to develop an attractive and competent project and to involve a potential client into this project. High quality of each project beginning from analysis and research of the client's activities to working out Internet solutions gives us the right to tell: "We create effective means of business promotion".

To justify our choice of one or another technology we can always explain to our clients why we use exactly this one. We are experienced in Delphi, Java, C, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Perl, PHP, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, HTML, Flash MX ActionScript. We can develop high quality software product for Internet business based on specified technologies. There is a great number of technologies that can be used while developing a project. Depending on our goals we select the most effective one.

You can easily get in touch with us: either make a call, email or come to our office. We also provide a feedback, you can ask any question online. We can always come to mutual understanding.

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