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 The advertising campaigns

Advertising is the integral and important part in a chain of creation and support of a site in the Internet. We may carry out practically all kinds of advertising in the Internet. Our experience, the qualified possession of technologies and concepts of a network allows to solve even the most complex and uneasy tasks connected with advertising, overspeeding and advancement of the projects. We provide our clients with complex decisions, starting from idea, creation of advertising and finishing the detailed, reports of efficiency. We offer the following kinds of advertising in the Internet:

1. Creation and placing of banners:

     on popular sites;
     on thematic sites and catalogues;
     in special banner networks.

2. The specialised post dispatches.

3. Advertising in the Internet - catalogues:

     creation of optimum descriptions.

4. Advertising in search systems:

     optimisation of the text and HTML-code;
     analysis of the statistical information;
     development of recommendations for the further advancement.

5. Realization of special actions on advertising on Internet - sites.

6. Publications:

     in conferences and forums;
     in lists of dispatch;
     on bulletin boards.

7. Drawing up of press releases and their support.

8. Development partnership programs and their support.

For reception of more detailed information simply contact us. Our experts will help you to orient in necessity of this or that choice, and also will provide with all necessary information for the beginning works.

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