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 Internet research

Marketing researches in the Internet are the important and significant stage of business dealing in the network. For the correct decision of any business - problem it is necessary to receive a trustworthy information about market changing i.e. to own the marketing information. It is possible to organize constant monitoring of the markets and the analysis of activity of the competitors in the Internet. As a rule, this problem is one of the firsts if the company is going to involve the Internet in the marketing programs. Studying of the demand/offer, orientation of a site on the certain audience of visitors, increase of the of visitors' stream and potential clients by using the developed analysis of research is only small list which correctly will help to gain the client, and also will allow to organize business in the network.

The most widespread researches are:

      The analysis of a Internet - audience (a geographic distribution, age groups etc.)
      Preparation of sample of inquiries of users and its analysis
      The analysis of structure of a site
      The comparative analysis of structure and audience of the competitors' sites
      Development of the business - plan of the Internet - project on development of your business
      Development of media-plans for advertising your goods and services with use of the Internet - technologies
      Consultations on application of Internet - technologies concerning the market on which you work
      Demand research in the Internet on goods/services of the company

We may carry out all set forth above problems, to carry out a full cycle of marketing researches in the Internet which begins with planning marketing research and comes to an end development of the analytical report.

Cost the Internet researches depends on many factors; therefore final definition of the cost occurs only on the basis of co-ordinated with the Customer plan of marketing research.

For reception of more detailed information simply contact us. Our experts will help you to orient in necessity of this or that choice and also will provide with all necessary information for the beginning work.

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